VIDENS SOLUTIONS Is A Full Service Web Design Agency

VIDENS SOLUTIONS supports you in the creation of your website and his content in order to have a website to represent you and be visible to your loyal and future customers..

Our Services

Creation of your professional website optimized for SEO
You are 100% owner of your website


Let’s build together a website that represents you.
A design in your image.
A website visible on computer, tablet and mobile phone.
Being seen and recognized!


The website is optimized for search engine optimization. You retain responsibility for the referencing of your website.

Multilingual website

The Multilingual website offers 2 types of translation:

  1. Or, you must provide the translations of your texts
  2. Or, Google automatically translates your texts

Promote your business/services

A company without a website or represented by a poor quality website loses all its credibility with new customers.

The image of your company, conveyed on the Internet, represents your establishment, it is you. This is why you need a website that defines you.

Customers on the web, who are looking for new providers/businesses,
mainly rely on what they see.
Being seen and being recognized is our credo!

In conclusion, a quality website with its professional image already opens the door to 50% of customers.


  • Simple and adapted price

    → No surprises when creating the site.
    We define the price of your website together.

  • Execution speed

    → Fast lead times according to your needs.

  • Simple and effective relationship

    → Only one person takes care of the site.

  • Complete design

    Realization of the website from A to Z by the same person until the end.




The website will be designed to be visible on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

A responsive, visible, readable website that your visitors will enjoy visiting.


We Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

I create responsive websites in WordPress that look like you and meet your needs and goals.
Everyone uses the Internet to prepare and/or make certain purchases, or to search for information on a business/restaurant.

In 2023, there are more than 63,000 Google searches every second, or 227 million per hour and about 5.4 billion Google searches per day. Someone must have done a search for your business.

In addition, the use of mobile phones continues to grow. It is therefore crucial that you are present on the Internet and that your site is adapted to these new trends.

Our Trademarked Process & Workflow.


We discuss your project together.

We design a mockup that we will choose from a large selection of templates.

I customize the design to make the website looks like you.

You will have a website that you can continue to have evaluated over time according to your desires and needs.


Project Research

We will create your project together so that it is unique and recognizable.


We choose a website template that suits you from our selection.


We will customize the chosen model to be as you wish.


You will have a website that can grow over time according to your needs.

Let’s Work Together

Send me a message if you want more information or to tell me about your project so that we can realize it together without further delay.

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